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    ATC HYDRO ENGINEERING was formed in 2003, after coming up with the concept of Double combination treatment of P.U grout injection and Chemical Infusion method. The dual-repairing system application that seemed to be the most promise and reliable for stopping water leakage. That gave us the expertise to confidently resolve all water leakages thru concrete. “The whole purpose is to fill the crack, from front to back, with polyurethane and infusion sealer. For toilet floor, balcony, basement walls, etc. high-pressure injection is the best way to ensure that the crack is completely filled,” This method is effective for filling cracks 0.002 to 1 inch wide in walls up to 12 inches thick. It can also be used to uprising water from concrete floors below grade.


    ATC HYDRO ENGINEERING Specialist strives to be recognized as a

    professional service company providing quality solutions for structural water leaks


    Our Core Values


    10_c.gif Quality

    Providing best practice services and products.

    Making quality an essential characteristic of any interaction, service,      

    product or solutions we provide.


    10_c.gif Serving You With Excellence

    Our culture aims to embrace innovation and technology

    Openly exploring new ways to add value

    Owning responsibility for quality


    10_c.gif Pioneering

    Encouraging and supporting the "what if"

    Always looking for better ways and new ideas

    Looking for solutions not the problems

    Encouraging others by acknowledging improvement



    check01_blue.gif Superior Customer Service

    check01_blue.gif Individual Service

    check01_blue.gif Safety & Trust

    check01_blue.gif Countrywide Service

    check01_blue.gif Custom Solutions

    check01_blue.gif Free Of Charge Initial Consultation  



    | We provide a "Non Messy Hacking" solution to your water leakage problems.


    •   Good Customer Service

    •   Reliable & Economical

    •   Safety & Integrity

    •   Countrywide Service

    •   Custom Solutions

    •   Free Of Charge Consultation*





PU Grouting




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